Career Guidance

Many of our students when entering secondary school have some idea as to their future vocation or at least a general idea of their future. It may well be that some wish to enter a university or TAFE and do further study, while others prefer to seek other forms of training or immediate employment when they leave school.  However, many others have little idea or may change their plans for the future.

One area that may assist students in choosing a career is the Careers programme in Year 10.  Our onsite programme in Years 11 and 12 also offers a select group of students an opportunity to attend school for four days a week and to enter a workplace or attend a training provider for one day per week.

Careful selection of subject choices for Years 11 and 12 is also very important.  It is essential that students make informed decisions based on their ability and levels of achievement. They may obtain this information from their Heads of Department, subject teachers and the Careers Counsellor. 

The College employs a full-time Careers Counsellor who can provide information to students and parents on University and TAFE entry, apprenticeships, traineeships and employment opportunities. 



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