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In addressing the diverse needs of our student population, the Gifted and Talented Programme at Prendiville is aligned to the policies and procedures as set out by Catholic Schools of WA in the document,

The 'Processes and Procedures for the Identification and Support of Gifted and Talented Students in Catholic Schools in Western Australia', a document which provides direction for Catholic schools in the understanding of giftedness. 

In accordance with this, at a school level, provision for students who have been identified for the programme is three tiered and must include the following high leverage curriculum components as outlined in the document, namely; 

  • A Curriculum differentiation
  • B Acceleration
  • C Learning beyond the classroom.

Our Year 8 Paideia class with their da Vinci Decathlon certificates.

The Prendiville Paideia Project (P3) is our 21st Century Gifted and Talented Programme. This innovative model for Giftedness has its genesis in Greek philosophy.  A man or woman’s paideia is the sum of intellectual, moral, and aesthetic as well as physical and spiritual qualities that make one a complete and whole human being. We therefore strive to educate the whole child. 

P3 is run in conjunction with the curriculum and is not an adjunct to the curriculum. Students drop one elective subject and are invited to join the Paideia Project. This is not an extension program and follows a curriculum suited to Gifted students.  We embrace the disciplines of Philosophy and Ethics, creative, critical and collaborative thinking.  This includes participation in academic competitions and discussion forums.

The process we follow to invite students to join the program is as follows:

All Year 7 students complete diagnostic tests, the AGAT in addition to literacy and numeracy competencies in the form of PAT Maths and PAT English, in the first few weeks of the year to assist with determining eligibility for The Prendiville Paideia Project. The AGAT test is a key diagnostic tool used to assist in the identification of the core group who are invited to participate in the program in Year 7.  The academic progress of students is monitored and their eligibility to remain in the program is reviewed regularly based on data collected.

An example of the work completed by the current Year 8 Paideia class can be found at their blog here.

Further information regarding to the Gifted and Talented programme can be obtained from our Learning Support/Enrichment Coordinator Bev Reed via email

Building DNA with connectors.

Studying religions of the world.

Philosophical discussions from class: 'Is Human Nature Inherently Good or Evil?'

Passion Projects from the Paideia Parent Evening

Passion Projects from the Paideia Parent Evening


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