Years 7 - 10

Functional English equips students with the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to use and apply English in everyday life. The fundamental skills of oral language, reading, writing, spelling, comprehension, grammar and work-based communication skills are emphasised through the program.


The Functional Mathematics program teaches students the effective use of mathematics to meet the general demands of life at home, in paid work, and for participation in community. Concepts such as basic number, money, time, measurement and space and shape are the main focus.


Integrated Studies looks specifically at the group’s particular needs and targets potential areas that the students may find difficult. Programs may include social skills training, protective behaviours as well as health topics, humanities and science.


The Community Access program focuses on all that is learnt through the Functional Learning Program and all students are given opportunities to demonstrate all of the skills that they have learned. Students participate in learning experiences that are focused around what all of the students need to know and understand to lead successful and productive independent lives.


The Functional Religious Education Program enables students to display skills as well as to study themes and concepts that are appropriate for all students that participate in the program. Transferable functional skills are used to make sense of, respond and explore specific beliefs, teachings and values that are emphasised through the program.


Enterprise Education provides opportunities for creating products and services. Students participate in the Stephanie Alexander horticultural program, a coffee entreprise (“Coffee Shots”) and a Card making Enterprise. Transferal functional skills are learnt so as to equip students with workplace skills as they enter the later years of schooling.


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