Diversity & Excellence

"We utilise our staff and facilities in a targeted manner to meet the diverse learning needs of all of our students"

Our Director of Diversity and Excellence is responsible for promoting the use of differentiated teaching to ensure that every student is engaged and learning successfully in all contexts.

Diversity and Excellence highlights that a range of students require significant adjustments to their learning programs, for example, Education Support programs, Learning Enrichment programs and Gifted and Talented programs. The main aim is that each and every child is able to reach their full potential and that they become productive members in society. Our Director of Diversity and Excellence ensures that all staff are trained to identify and address the special learning needs of a range of students.

"Every student is engaged, learning successfully and able to reach their full potential"

We understand that students will be at different stages in their learning and progress at different rates, but all students are capable of learning successfully if motivated and given appropriate learning opportunities and support. Teachers aim to engage, challenge and extend all students, including high achievers and under achievers, so that they reach their full potential.


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