Technical Graphics

Gain the skills and knowledge to communicate design concepts.

This course enables students to learn about a broad range of technical drawing skills and terminology. It is an introduction to the world of Technical Graphics where students develop skills in using computer software such as laser cutters and 3D printing, as well as traditional hand rendering techniques. This will enable students to design and create drawings in both 2 and 3 dimensions through a variety of processes including sketching, freehand rendering and Computer Aided Drafting (CAD). You will study the basic elements and principles of design, discover concept development strategies and explore the techniques used by successful designers.

Technical Graphics is a subject suited to both male and female students as each project retains sufficient flexibility in design to cater to the interests of all participants.

Students studying the course will learn to:

  • read, interpret and understand the information on a drawing
  • draw and present that information
  • develop an ability to “think in pictures”
  • explore Computer Aided Drafting system (CAD).

This course leads to Year 9 Technical Graphics.

Prerequisite:  Nil


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