Media Art

Are you interested in learning the basics of Film Production with a touch of Photographic Journalism and Advertising?

Would you like to gain experience using our range of Canon DSLR Cameras and to develop your work using the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop?

In this course, you will be exploring the current trends and issues in today’s society, and how our audiences react to this via their usage of media. Students will have the opportunity to focus on aspects of Billboard Advertising, Blockbuster Films, Journalistic Photography and News Channels. By understanding the concepts that surround the areas of Film, Journalism and Advertising, students will begin to develop their skills to solve problems and have the chance to not only work independently but to collaborate as a team to create their own Media Art.

Pathways: Year 8 Media Art leads to Media and Photography in Year 9


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