The Year 8 Mathematics program is based on the content in the Australian Mathematics Curriculum. The course will have a strong focus on number, ratio, measurement and basic algebraic skills. Topics covered will include integers, ratios and rates, area, volume, angle properties, Pythagoras’ Theorem, probability and statistics, linear relationships and basic algebraic skills. Students will utilise skills developed in these topics to learn about Mathematics and how it is used in decision making and problem solving in real world contexts. They will be exposed to both practical and abstract situations and will continue to develop as independent learners with the introduction of investigative tasks.

Students will be assigned to one of four courses dependent upon their Year 7 results. The Advanced course is designed to cater for those students with an aptitude for mathematics and abstract thinking. The Intermediate A course is for those students of average to above average mathematical ability while the Intermediate B is a general mathematics program written for students with an average mathematical whom work better at a slower pace. While the Modified course caters for those students who require the work to be at a much slower pace and who require more individual attention.


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