Did you enjoy Year 7 Italian?

Did you find it fun and easy to pronounce the words? Do you like the idea of speaking another language and increasing your travel and employment opportunities?

Are you keen to visit Italy on the school trip or as an exchange student?

Then Year 8 Italian is for you!

Italian in Year 8 aims to build on the basic language skills learnt in Year 7 and further develops students’ ability to communicate in both spoken and written Italian on a variety of topics. An important part of the course is the study of the Italian culture and customs.

As well as learning to communicate effectively in a language other than English, students develop an enhanced understanding of grammar and structure within the English language. 

Students use the Ecco 1 ebook and to study topics including:

  • Myself and my friends – describing people’s physical appearance and character
  • School – including a study of the very different Italian education system
  • The family
  • Animals - pets and wild animals

Please note the Year 8 Italian course is 2 periods per week for the entire year and therefore is the equivalent of two elective choices.

Students must achieve a C grade in Year 7 Italian to choose it in Year 8.

Students should note that it is not possible to return to Italian language learning at Prendiville Catholic College in later years if the subject is not chosen in Year 8.

It is important to note that UWA, CURTIN and Edith Cowan Universities now award 10% bonus marks to any student who sits the WACE exam in a foreign language in Year 12.

For future consideration: Students continuing the study of Italian to Year 10 can participate in the College Tour of Italy or in the WAATI / Intercultura Student Exchange Programme at the end of Year 10 and/or Year 11.


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