Year 7 Curriculum Overview

Year 7 Overview 

As well as studying the five core subjects for a significant part of the week, students will experience a range of other secondary school subjects for shorter periods of time. Students have the opportunity to experience a range of subjects that they may not have come across before, laying the foundations should they wish to continue in these areas when elective choices become available from Year 8 onward.

 The following outlines the subjects and time allocations per week for the year.

  • Religious Education (3 periods per week)
  • English (4 - 5 periods per week)
  • Mathematics (4 - 5 periods per week)
  • Humanities (4 periods per week)
  • Science (4 periods per week)
  • Physical Education (2 periods per week)
  • Life Skills & Health (1 period per week)
  • Art (1 period per week for 1 semester)
  • Digital Technology (1 period per week for 1 semester)
  • Home Economics (1 period per week)
  • Italian (1 period per week)
  • Music (1 period per week)
  • Performing Arts (1 period per week)
  • TIDE (1 period per week)
  • Peer Support Programme (1 period per week for one Term only)
  • Well Being Programme (1 period per week for one Term only)

Students should be aware that, as they progress throughout their secondary schooling, opportunities arise for students to choose the subjects and courses studied, especially in Year 11 and 12. It should be noted that when these choices become available students must meet the required prerequisites in order to choose the subject. It is therefore essential that students always do their best and in Year 7 begin to develop an efficient consistent work ethic.

For more information on specific courses, parents are welcome to contact the relevant Head of Learning Area or Subject Coordinator.


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