This course provides students with knowledge of project management, network management and design skills. Students develop the practical skills of managing a project when they design and create a digital solution for clients. The impacts of technologies are examined in relation to legal, ethical and social boundaries. The Students identify the components and configuration of networks to meet the needs of a business.

Pathway:  Year 11 Units 1 and 2 lead to Year 12 Units 3 and 4 (ATAR).

Prerequisite: C Grade in Year 11 Applied Information Technology.

This course provides students with practical and technical skills that equip them to function effectively in their daily life and go onto further study in the areas of Cyber Security, Engineering, Computer Programming, Business Analysis, Systems Analysis and Data Mining.

The course covers programming, data management, databases, system analysis, computer hardware and networking.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of ATAR Computer Science Unit 1 and 2 with a minimum C grade.


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