The Year 11 ATAR Italian Second Language course is designed to extend students’ knowledge of the Italian language and culture through the study of two units of work related to the individual and the Italian community.

Unit 1 

Rapporti in famiglia, tra gli amici e a scuola (Family, friend and school relationships)
Students reflect on the different relationships in their lives and consider the importance of friendship in their lives and the lives of young Italians.

Le tradizioni, gli spettacoli e le feste (Traditions, events and celebrations)
Students explore Italian traditions, events and celebrations, and how these promote a sense of community and an awareness of culture

Communicare nel mondo moderno (Communicating in a modern world)
Students consider how the internet, mobiles, social networking and other technologies impact on the lives of young people around the world.

Unit 2

Le vacanze ‐ racconti e progetti (My holiday tales and plans)
Students reflect on their own holiday tales and discuss what is essential when planning a trip and travelling at home and/or abroad.

Destinazione Italia (Destination Italy)
Students explore travelling in a particular Italian region or city and explore tourist attractions and cultural experiences.

Destinazione Australia (Destination Australia)
Students explore Australia as a destination for Italian speaking travellers and discuss how they would prepare an Italian speaker for a trip to Australia.

Viaggiare oggi (Travel in a modern world)
Students consider how technology is changing world travel, influencing how people plan their holidays and communicate while they are away.

Units 1 and 2 are studied concurrently. Students sit both oral and written exams mid-year and at the end of the year. The final mark awarded is comprised of 25% oral work and 75% written work. All assessments are held in class time.

WAATI / Intercultura Exchange Programme

Students in Year 11 have the opportunity of participating in the WAATI/Intercultura Exchange Programme. Typically this involves hosting an Italian student for 8 weeks (July and August), followed by an 8-week stay in Italy (December and January) where students are fully immersed in the language and experience the life of an Italian teenager.

It is important to note that UWA, Curtin University and Edith Cowan University all now award a 10% bonus to any student who sits the WACE exam in a language in Year 12.

Prerequisites:  C or higher in Year 10 Italian.

This course leads to:  Italian Second Language Year 12 ATAR Course.


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