The Computer Science ATAR course focuses on the fundamental principles, concepts and skills within the field of computing and provides students with opportunities to develop flexibility and adaptability in the application of these, in the roles of developers and users. The underpinning knowledge and skills in computer science are practically applied to the development of computer systems and software, and the connectivity between computers, peripheral devices and software used in the home, workplace and in education is examined. Students develop problem-solving abilities and technical skills as they learn how to diagnose and solve problems in the course of understanding the building blocks of computing. 

The course covers programming, data management, databases, system analysis, computer hardware and networking.

Pathway: Units 1 and 2 Year 11 lead to Year 12 Units 3 and 4 (ATAR).

Prerequisite: B Grade in Year 10 Computer Systems or following an interview with the Director of Technology.


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