Consider your Choices of Learning

Whether you meet the requirements of the WA Certificate of Education for entrance to TAFE or university will depend upon your ambitions and abilities. There are many factors to be considered when choosing your course. Even if you haven’t yet decided on a career it is important to look at a number of possibilities and check pre requisites so that you don’t restrict future options.

When choosing courses consider:
1. Interests
2. Abilities
3. Future goals

If possible, choose courses that you enjoy as you will spend a considerable amount of time studying them in Year 11 & 12.

Abilities – be realistic

It is important to realise that the courses in Year 11 and Year 12 vary.

  • They vary in content and skills.
  • They vary in level of complexity.
  • The learning styles involved vary and may not suit some students.

It is therefore important that students carefully consider their capacity to undertake studies, especially for those more difficult courses.
As it is possible to fail any course, it is important to check the recommended pre-requisite levels for different courses. Choose those in which you performed well in the past. Be realistic about your own abilities and choose those you know you can successfully complete. Check with your teachers.

Future goals

Ensure that subjects chosen meet criteria for future employment or studies. If career goals aren’t clear, select a course that offers flexibility, interest and a realistic chance of success.

Transferring from one course to another

Try and get it right the first time. Changes to courses are disadvantageous, however, students wishing to change subjects after enrolment may do so providing it is within the given time frame and:

  • it is possible on the timetable
  • it is within maximum class numbers
  • it does not interfere with future goals.

Anyone wishing to change courses must realise that work missed up to that time has to be completed. Students who wish to change subjects must do so by the College deadline of Week 6 of Semester 1. Any change must be discussed with the Deputy Principal Curriculum in consultation with parents.

Students in Years 11 and 12 must choose six courses. With English or Literature mandated under the WACE and Religion and Life mandated in Catholic Schools, students must choose either ATAR or General in these areas and an additional four courses.



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