WACE Requirements – Post School Destinations

In recent years, the course offerings particularly in Senior Secondary education have become complex and maybe a little daunting for students and parents in terms of the language. While the information contained on this website is intended to assist in making decisions about future education and careers, students and parents should be reassured that staff at the College are readily available to explain the nature of courses or future directions.

The material included in the Interactive Course Guide will provide you with information regarding the curriculum at Prendiville Catholic College, the requirements for the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE), and University and TAFE requirements as stated to date.

This outline of the school’s curriculum is designed to:

  • give parents and students some idea of the scope and direction of the courses available at Prendiville Catholic College,
  • assist students in their course selection for Year 11 and Year 12, and
  • aid Year 11 & 12 students in the transition into either further education or the workforce.

Student choices need to reflect their current abilities and enable them to realise their future careers.
Prior to choosing courses parents and students should:

  • Read all of the material in this document.
  • Be aware of the prerequisites for each course: this choice will rely on Semester 1 results; confirmation of course choices will depend upon final Year results.
  • Be aware of course choices needed for particular careers and/or post secondary courses.
  • Talk to appropriate teachers and Heads of Department if they have a question.

Appreciate that some courses may not eventually be timetabled if there is insufficient demand and student choice may be affected by the College Timetable grid required to cater for the majority of students.  


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