Apart from the usual courses at the College, the Science Department runs the following:

Science Club – Year 7: This very popular club with an average of over fifty student members and has been running for the past eight years. The club runs a number of activities such as Astronomy, Chemistry in the Dark and movie nights. Also includes a night bush walk and visit to Scitech. Members has also been involved in running activities in Science Week and helping to set up displays and projects. 

Astronomy Club: Possibly starting up again this year in mid year. 

Garden Club: The Science Department is affiliated with the Garden Club as we have our own science garden where vegetables are grown and other plants are cultured that are used for class science activities. 

Other Events: The department runs a number of others events through the year to coincide with significant scientific breakthroughs. This has included in the past the Pluto Flyby, the discovery of the Higgs Particle and landing of a probe on a comet this year.



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