Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts programme in Years 7-10 enables students, through the process of visual inquiry, studio practice and reflection to develop an understanding of the elements of art. By applying this knowledge in the artworks they create, students are encouraged to explore the world of ideas and feelings. Projects are designed to build self confidence and co-operation.  Emphasis is placed on art production, art criticism and aesthetics. Students will become informed and authentic creators of visual ideas.

Art is a fundamental dimension to human life.  Throughout history the visual arts have given form and meaning to ideas and feelings and have provided ways for people to express and communicate experience. 

The Years 11 and 12 art courses encourage innovation. Students engage in art making processes in traditional and new media areas. This involves exploring, selecting and manipulating materials, techniques, processes and emerging technologies with constant reference to the physical world as a source of inspiration. Students gain knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the art of other cultures, locally, nationally and internationally.



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