Our Dance programme is studied by all students  Year 7 and offered as an elective subject in Years 8, 9 and 10 with students studying dance performance and choreography in a variety of styles including Jazz, Contemporary, Break dance, Hip-Hop, Musical Theatre and Cultural Dance.

Students have the opportunity to develop dance techniques through practical classes and also learn choreographic tools to help them create their own dance works.  

Throughout the year students are given several opportunities to perform for audiences (students in Years 8 – 12 are expected to perform publicly), view dance performances and participate in guest artist workshops.

The main aim of this course is to increase self-confidence, co-ordination, strength, and flexibility and provide students with an outlet for creative expression. The key activities in which students will participate are: choreography, performance and reflection.

Since 2011, our College has offered WACE Dance Courses to senior students in Years 11 and 12. From 2016 both the Years 11 and 12 will embark on the new Dance ATAR Course as part of the move into the new National Curriculum. These courses continue to develop a student’s technique in a variety of dance styles including Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary and Indigenous Dance, with an emphasis on performance quality and expression.

The course recognises the interrelationship between practical and theoretical parts of Dance. The students use a comprehensive variety of creative processes, such as the use of choreographic elements and improvisation techniques to create individual and group dance pieces. Students also learn how dance styles are valued within cultures and historically derived.

Students from Years 8 – 12 also have the opportunity to be involved in the College’s Dance Company. This is an elite performance group of enthusiastic, experienced and committed students who rehearse a variety of dance performance pieces in preparation for particular events, including the Prendiville Dance Showcase and the Catholic Performing Arts Festival. Company members are exposed to guest choreographers and different styles of dance. 


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