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Our College P & F

Prendiville Parents and Friends Association (P & F) has a proud and long association with the College and performs an important role in the College community, which enhances the connection between parents, friends, students and the school administration and staff.

A Parents and Friends Association at any school is only successful if it receives the support and help of the parents and we appreciate and encourage you to offer your support to all endeavours undertaken by the our P & F.

A sense of community and pride at our College is fostered not only by the staff, students and administration of the College but also by the parents who are actively involved in the college community. 

Our have a number of core roles at the college which are outlined below:

Cores Roles of the Prendiville Parents and Friends Association:

  • To promote and enhance a sense of community at Prendiville Catholic College by organising college community events.
  • Conduct fundraising activities at the College for defined projects as identified by the Parents and Friends Association in consultation with the College Administration and College Board.
  • Facilitate an effective communication conduit between the Parents and Friends of Prendiville Catholic College and the Administration of the College.

P & F Meetings:

Our P & F (Parents and Friends) holds a monthly meeting in the boardroom in the Prendiville Centre at 6.30pm on the third Tuesday of each month. Parking is out the front of the school.

All parents and friends are welcome to attend these meetings.

2019 Meeting Dates

March - Tuesday 19th March

April - No meeting due to school holidays

May - Tuesday 21st May

June - Wednesday 19th June

July - Wednesday 24th or Tuesday 31st July (Quiz Night prep) - TBC

August - Tuesday 20 August

September - Tuesday 17th September

October - Wednesday 23 October (Due to Year 7 2020 Parent Information Night on 22nd)

November - Tuesday 19 November - TBC


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