Beagle Bay Trip

My Beagle Bay tour experience was incredible right from the start, as soon as we got out of the plane and were hit with the hot and sunny weather in Broome. Before meeting the students of Sacred Heart School, I thought that it might be awkward between us. However, as soon as we all arrived at the beach for beach day, they immediately started playing a game of tag with us, sparking the relationships between us. Throughout the week we got to help out at the school and participated in events like a smoking ceremony, rehearsals for their concert, practicing for their sport carnival and creating aboriginal art work for NAIDOC week. We made strong connections with the people in the Beagle Bay community and we were sad to say goodbye after school on Friday. Before we headed back to Perth, we got to experience the tourist side of Broome, from riding camels on Cable Beach to visiting the crocodile park. Overall I had an amazing time in Broome and would highly recommend this trip to any future students who are thinking about applying for it. I would also like to thank Mr Devlin for all the time he has put into organising this trip and making it a one in a lifetime experience.

- Words by Zara

As the tiny outlet of Broome looms in the distance, the excitement of the week to come fills my body. The loud drum of the plane echoes through my head like the expectations of what I feel is to come. A small, run down community is what I picture in my mind; a place with no organisation or structure. As we walk down the steps out of the plane, the rush of warm heat from a Broome summer day hits my face. 'Welcome to the northwest,' says the sun beaming down on my skin. A full day in Broome and one last sleep in a comfy bed before a week in Beagle Bay.

The 2 hour journey on a red gravel road lets my thoughts run wild and my hopes run high. The school, block by block, seemed to look quite new, not what I had expected it to be when I was back at home. The kids so sweet, kind and fun, the beach day allowing us to run and make new friends. Tuesday at school we knew a few kids, but names blurred together and few I remembered. NAIDOC week is the time we came, to celebrate their culture and the people before them. Lots of arts and crafts and indigenous colours, and of course some English to jazz it all up. Helping the kids to learn and read filled my heart with glee. Never had I expected to take so much from this experience and allow all my stereotypes to be broken.

We were always busy, both in school and out, and there was never a dull moment with you guys. If only every person got to experience this and see how beautiful the indigenous culture truly is. The people you go with also influence your stay and I must say I wouldn’t want anyone to be replaced. Thank you all for an amazing trip, a once in a life time experience I am so happy I got to be involved in.

- Words by Georgia

After staying in the remote Beagle Bay community for only a week, I had the most amazing experiences with my friends, teachers, and the children and staff at the Sacred Heart School. After staying in Broome for a night, we headed up to Beagle Bay where we worked with children at the Sacred Heart School. We started the week by attending the school beach day which provided us with opportunities to connect with the kids in a fun way. I still remember the volcanoes and sandcastles that a few kids and I made and how much energy they all had!

The second day at Sacred Heart School marked the beginning of our classroom experiences with the children. I can’t even completely explain how wonderful it felt to help the kids in the year two classroom for 2 days, and then the kids in the year 3-4 classroom for 2 days. It was extremely fulfilling to know that I was able put my gifts and talents to use to help out the most adorable kids in their classrooms, from literacy to craft activities. I was so taken aback by how quickly we were welcomed by the kids and how quickly they learnt our names. Every morning we were greeted with a tap on the arm followed by the words “you’re it!” and I found that every lunch time was a duck-duck-goose marathon. We also had opportunities to run fun outdoor activities for the kids after school and during some school days.

As children from different year levels all participated in these activities, I quickly realised that everyone knew everyone and were so closely interconnected, which made the school community seem like a whole family. I was so glad to have witnessed this sense of family and also be involved in many NAIDOC week activities, including a smoking ceremony. A big thank you to Mr Devlin for organising the immersion, a once in a lifetime experience that I’ll never forget.

- Words by Isis