Kiara Macri (2013)

Prendiville Day saw the launch of Thoroughly Modern Millie, Prendiville’s musical production for 2017. Starring in the launch was ex-student Kiara Macri who will be helping produce the musical.

Since graduating in 2013 Kiara has been focusing on getting experience in the musical theatre industry; travelling to New York and Melbourne, meeting some wonderful people and being in as many community theatre productions as possible. Last year she completed a Certificate IV in Music Theatre at WAAPA, which was a dream come true. This year, Kiara is taking a gap year to continue improving her skills and expand her knowledge. She is currently starring in Limelight Theatre’s Glorious Old Time Music Hall between playing acoustic arrangements of contemporary songs for local bars. Kiara also now works for West Coast Music School, an independent organisation of mentors who teach music to a broad variety of musicians of all ages, teaching singing, piano and theory. Kiara says that her teaching style is heavily inspired by Miss Broderick’s!

Kiara is honoured to be asked to help produce Prendiville’s 2017 musical production of Thoroughly Modern Millie. Not only is it one of her favourite musicals but it has given her the opportunity to return to the school where her passion was nurtured. Kiara says that being involved in Prendiville’s previous musicals was by far the highlight of her high school career and is excited to now be a part of it from behind the stage.
We look forward to seeing more of Kiara at Prendiville as she helps produce next year’s musical. Watch out for more news on Thoroughly Modern Millie as the musical production gains momentum.


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